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Missing Roofs | Tentulberia, Mathurapur | 30 May 2020

Broken and uprooted trees lined their way, as our ground team headed towards another of the Amphan grounds zero in Tentulberia, Mathurapur, a village of around 300 families, most of whom live below the poverty line. Damage due to Amphan, thankfully, was mostly limited to damaged roofs of houses. Along with our local contact, brother Azad, our team surveyed the village and counted 2 houses that were completely destroyed, 21 houses with fully damaged roofs, and 5 houses with partially damaged roofs.

Our team had been on the ground a few weeks ago as well to provide rations as part of our Covid-19 lockdown relief, and we were aware of the ground realities related to nutritional scarcity. Every ration card holder gets 2 kg rice and 3 kg flour from the public distribution system every month. However this is just the bare minimum required for sustenance, and leaves poor families struggling to get nutritious food on their plates.

An interesting incident that our ground team reported was the road block they faced on the way near Dakshin Barasat, which was staged by local residents against the continued power cut since Amphan struck. Not to be undone, our ground team abandoned their car, and proceeded on foot for 3 km until help arrived in the form of 2 motor cycles sent by our local contacts in Tentuberia. Thanks to them, the ground team could cover the remaining 20 km as pillion riders!

Residents were eager to know how we would help them, but we could not promise anything straight away as we knew that our resources are limited, and requirements are endless. While we get to the drawing board to plan our next steps, we invite your suggestions. Please let us know your ideas in the comments, and we will try to include them in our plans as best we can. Also, we encourage you to donate your time, effort and money towards Amphan relief. You may do so through any of our partner organisations, and we will ensure your contribution is utilised to its fullest.

Ground zero: Tentulberia, Mathurapur, West Bengal

Ground team: Shariq, Hammad, Junaid

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